Friday, 28 October 2011

Cute blonde and you know what

Such a lovely smile and what a tight body. I love the bit at the end (post cumshot) when the cameraman catches them in the shower together, she's definitely someone who loves to take her work home...

Friday, 21 October 2011

Another great video to enjoy

There is something so arousing about watching a busty blonde take on a big black cock. Love the choker she's wearing, I imagine that in her personal life she's very willing to submit to black cock.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Erotic image that means so much

This image is really hot. There is something incredibly sensual about her nudity, the way she is gripping his big cock. It's only a matter of time before she takes him into her mouth. I imagine her sucking on his cock ever so slowly, tasting his musky scent, stretching her mouth to accommodate his size. And I imagine also that I'm there, on the other side of the room, sitting in an arm chair watching them as they begin to make love.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Video for your enjoyment

Kacey Kox is a gorgeous pornstar and I sense that in her personal life she's really into black cock. So it always gets me hard when I see her in a movie and this one is no exception. Click and enjoy, I know I have. Walter

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

So what else am I into?

As ever, it's complicated. But here's a list of the kinks that I'm into (other than interracial sex). I haven't included the list of sex acts that I enjoy when part of interracial sex as those are quite specific, and I want to go into those in more depth later on.

1. Spanking (light), I enjoy spanking naughty girls.
2. Bondage (light), I enjoy tying up girls and then teasing them to orgasm.
3. Peeing, both as receiver and giver.
4. Anal, I love the tightness and its taboo nature.
5. Kissing, not really a kink, but I'm very happy to sit on a couch and just snog.
6. Ejaculating over a girl's face.
7. Cunnilingus, I love the aroma and taste. I also like to finger cunts.
8. Sex toys, I have two fleshlights (both Tori Black) and I love girls that use sex toys.
9. Porn, who doesn't these days.
10. Erotic writings.
11. Female Exhibitionism.
12. Masturbation, and watching girls masturbate.
13. Pre-op transexuals.
14. Domination and Submission.
15. Hotwife/hotgirlfriend, but only in the context of interracial sex.

Well, looking at that list, it's pretty all-encompassing, but I would like to expand on some of these kinks in more detail in the form of short erotic stories.


Monday, 3 October 2011

Sexual kinks, fetishes and desire

If you've arrived here through looking at the followers of other blogs then you'll already have a good idea what my kinks are. And let's face it it's unlikely that you'll have found this blog from any other source, so let's dispense with formalities and just get on with it.

I'm aroused by white women fucking black men.

There I said it. I know it's not particularly politically correct, but what can I say, when I masturbate that's my preferred choice of porn. When I fantasise about sex then that's what I see in my head. Even now, having typed that single sentence I can feel the swelling in my groin. Just the thought of searching for some interracial porn and touching my cock is distracting me from writing this. It's taking all my concentration not to wank at this precise moment.

It might not be the only thing that gets me off (I will list others in a future post), but it's the one that makes me cum the hardest. I have no idea how this fantasy came to dominate my sexual desires. Although, I can say that it wasn't an overnight discovery, it's been developing within me for many years, possible about 12 now. So you can see why I've decided to hide behind a nom de plume and why I can't share this with my friends.

Porn, in various forms, has played a key part in my sexual development from an early age. I grew up in the countryside in a small community without many girls. I also went to an all-boy school so contact with the fairer sex was rare. However, I recall having sexual thoughts and dreams 6 or 7 years of age, they centred around a girl in a dungeon whom I 'rescued'. There was always some touching in these dreams but no sexual activity as I know it today. Despite this I still consider them to be of an overtly sexual nature. A little later, I started to get erections and I would dance around my room watching my cock wobble in front of me. I touched my cock, but I didn't masturbate. That discover came when I was about 13/14.

Cue puberty and I have all these hormones coursing through my body. I discovered masturbation through some comments from a friend at school. I was in a metalwork class and we were washing our hands at the end of the session. My friend made a comment at how the soap looked like spunk. I faked knowledge of what he was saying but maybe he twigged that I was in the dark. So he made the international wanking movement and squirted the soap out of his hands, like an ejaculation. Intrigued by this, I wondered what would happen if I did that with my cock.

Later that night in bed, I touched my cock. Gripping it in my right hand, I imitated my friends movements at school. Within a short time, I explode, the spunk shooting in the air and disappeared (it possibly hit the ceiling, the ejaculation was that powerful). That was my first orgasm and masturbation quickly became a routine.

Somehow, I was drawn to pictures of women - it seemed the natural thing to do. The only source of material I had was my mother's Marshall Ward home-shopping catalogues and in particular the lingerie section. I remember one catalogue had a full-page photograph of a model in just a pair of knickers and no bra. Her breasts were beautiful. That became my preferred image and shaped my style of masturbation for years to come.

My routine was always followed the same path. Wait until my mother and younger sister were out, then I would grab the catalogue from under my parents' bed, dash into the bathroom and kneel. By now I was familiar with the spunk shooting from my penis, so I placed a neat pattern of toilet tissues on the floor in front of me. Then I would masturbate. Usually, I would achieve five or six orgasms in about 30 minutes. I lusted over that woman in the catalogue. Once, I shot my spunk too far and doused her pretty face and breast with with jism.

This carried on until the day I found two copies of Mayfair (a British softcore porn magazine). They were lying in the middle of the road. No one was around, so I picked them up and carried them off. Carefully hidden in my room, these became my preferred wanking material, until I had the courage to buy my own magazines.

The content was as you would expect, mostly white women posing nude with almost visible (hairy) vaginas and short stories detailing sexual acts between a man and a woman. Straightforward and fairly tame by today's internet standards. Nothing you would think that would lead to the desires that I have today. When I bought my first hardcore video, it again featured white couples.

The first interracial image I saw came many years later via the internet. I was perusing a website dedicated to amateur models when I saw the image that might changed my life for ever. It was a poorly taken photo of a white woman, lying on her back and blindfolded, a black man was kneeling over here. You couldn't see much of him, just his large cock, and the cum that he'd just shot over her slightly open mouth. Some sperm was running down her cheek on to the pillow. She was gripping the base of his penis. I've since lost the image, but just thinking about it still makes my cock hard.

After that, curiosity compelled me to seek out more images and eventually videos. Now the majority of the videos feature black on white.

That's a long post, but I wanted to give you a little background to sexual identity.

Living life in a black and white world.


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Linked to twitter

The thing I like about twitter is that you can link it to your blog. Write a post, press Publish and instantly all your followers on Twitter can read it.

So that is what I have done. As with everything my Twitter account is anonymous, but as I said in my first post, I want this blog to be a truthful and honest account of one man's sexuality. And because I already have an online presence, this means that I have to keep the two worlds apart.

So if you don't already do so, follow me on Twitter, @walterkovacs23.

And yes I know, I need a more appropriate image for my twitter account, but I don't have any images lying around that are safe for work, yet illustrate the adult content of this blog succinctly.


Saturday, 1 October 2011

So what's the purpose of Diary of Lust?

Good question, even if I ask it of myself. There are several things that I hope to achieve from building this blog. These are:

1. An opportunity to get some of the hopes, dreams, desires, thoughts and nightmares that swirl inside my head, which keep me a wake at night and pull me into a depressed state. So, in essence, this blog will be a form of catharsis for me, as I attempt to expunge the gloomy thoughts from the dark recesses of my brain.

2. It will also give me the chance to write about subjects that I can't talk about with those that know the real me. Mostly these will concentrated around my sexual desires, but will also touch upon my unhappiness with my life and my occasional bouts of depression.

3. And while on the subject of writing, I also hope to use this blog as a place for experimentation of my writing style. I have another blog (located far away from here) that is more serious in nature, but I want the chance to give free rein to my writing style, and to see if I can change and develop my writing style with a view to one day writing a novel.

4. As my other blog is based around a well-defined subject, it doesn't lend itself to more personal pontifications or for fictional works. This I hope to cover in this blog by posting some short stories and maybe longer works. We shall see.

5. The final reason for this blog is because I hope that by being able to write about myself that I shall write more. My novelists say that you should write what you know, and all I know at present is what's lurking inside my head. So, the reasoning goes, if I write what's there then I should be able to write more. My other blog takes research to come up with ideas for content and too often I find reasons not to write it, so by writing what I know (that is me) I hope the writing starts to flow, so that when I come to write posts for my other blog (or other writings) then my fingers are already warmed up.

Those are the five main reasons for this blog.  Most of the content will be original, although I also keep a personal diary so some of those entries might find their way here. Also, having said that I want to write more I haven't given myself a set number of posts for each month (I have with my other blog, but I sometimes come up short) as I don't want to give myself too much  pressure. I will also post images and videos from time to time that turn me on, but mostly it will be words.

Last word, if you're reading this then that's great, but please bear in mind that I'm writing this for myself so it won't be to everyone's taste. And the reason why I'm sharing it? Well, I'm not sure that I have an answer for that, maybe it's because no one is listening to me at the moment, so it doesn't make any difference whether I keep it private or not. But in case someone does stumble upon this blog then I've made an attempt to keep my true identity hidden. Kinda like a superhero, which is so not me.

Honour is like the Hawk: Sometimes it must go Hooded


Welcome to Diary of Lust

Lust is ranked number 1 in the list of Seven Deadly Sins, ahead of wrath, greed, sloth, pride, envy and gluttony. And it also happens to be the one sin that I am most prone to (on certain days, sloth can come close, but the others rarely get a look in). So it seems only natural that on entering the blogging sphere that my online journal should feature my most prominent lusty thoughts, desires, dreams and wishes.

With a heavy focus on sex and the bawdier side of life, this blog (unless it's renamed Diary of Sloth) should chronicle scenes of a strictly adult nature — some fiction, some real life and plenty of desires. Names have been changed and, of course, mine isn't Walter, but whether fiction or real, everything that I shall write is true.