Wednesday, 5 October 2011

So what else am I into?

As ever, it's complicated. But here's a list of the kinks that I'm into (other than interracial sex). I haven't included the list of sex acts that I enjoy when part of interracial sex as those are quite specific, and I want to go into those in more depth later on.

1. Spanking (light), I enjoy spanking naughty girls.
2. Bondage (light), I enjoy tying up girls and then teasing them to orgasm.
3. Peeing, both as receiver and giver.
4. Anal, I love the tightness and its taboo nature.
5. Kissing, not really a kink, but I'm very happy to sit on a couch and just snog.
6. Ejaculating over a girl's face.
7. Cunnilingus, I love the aroma and taste. I also like to finger cunts.
8. Sex toys, I have two fleshlights (both Tori Black) and I love girls that use sex toys.
9. Porn, who doesn't these days.
10. Erotic writings.
11. Female Exhibitionism.
12. Masturbation, and watching girls masturbate.
13. Pre-op transexuals.
14. Domination and Submission.
15. Hotwife/hotgirlfriend, but only in the context of interracial sex.

Well, looking at that list, it's pretty all-encompassing, but I would like to expand on some of these kinks in more detail in the form of short erotic stories.



  1. i too like trannys. something about them just makes my dick hard.