Saturday, 1 October 2011

So what's the purpose of Diary of Lust?

Good question, even if I ask it of myself. There are several things that I hope to achieve from building this blog. These are:

1. An opportunity to get some of the hopes, dreams, desires, thoughts and nightmares that swirl inside my head, which keep me a wake at night and pull me into a depressed state. So, in essence, this blog will be a form of catharsis for me, as I attempt to expunge the gloomy thoughts from the dark recesses of my brain.

2. It will also give me the chance to write about subjects that I can't talk about with those that know the real me. Mostly these will concentrated around my sexual desires, but will also touch upon my unhappiness with my life and my occasional bouts of depression.

3. And while on the subject of writing, I also hope to use this blog as a place for experimentation of my writing style. I have another blog (located far away from here) that is more serious in nature, but I want the chance to give free rein to my writing style, and to see if I can change and develop my writing style with a view to one day writing a novel.

4. As my other blog is based around a well-defined subject, it doesn't lend itself to more personal pontifications or for fictional works. This I hope to cover in this blog by posting some short stories and maybe longer works. We shall see.

5. The final reason for this blog is because I hope that by being able to write about myself that I shall write more. My novelists say that you should write what you know, and all I know at present is what's lurking inside my head. So, the reasoning goes, if I write what's there then I should be able to write more. My other blog takes research to come up with ideas for content and too often I find reasons not to write it, so by writing what I know (that is me) I hope the writing starts to flow, so that when I come to write posts for my other blog (or other writings) then my fingers are already warmed up.

Those are the five main reasons for this blog.  Most of the content will be original, although I also keep a personal diary so some of those entries might find their way here. Also, having said that I want to write more I haven't given myself a set number of posts for each month (I have with my other blog, but I sometimes come up short) as I don't want to give myself too much  pressure. I will also post images and videos from time to time that turn me on, but mostly it will be words.

Last word, if you're reading this then that's great, but please bear in mind that I'm writing this for myself so it won't be to everyone's taste. And the reason why I'm sharing it? Well, I'm not sure that I have an answer for that, maybe it's because no one is listening to me at the moment, so it doesn't make any difference whether I keep it private or not. But in case someone does stumble upon this blog then I've made an attempt to keep my true identity hidden. Kinda like a superhero, which is so not me.

Honour is like the Hawk: Sometimes it must go Hooded



  1. Well said. I too have my blog(s) to let parts of me out into the world. Thoughts, hope dreams ... the reality of me. The thoughts are all mine and I to explore them.

    Luv the pic you chose for your profile pic.

    Be safe and keep on writing.