Saturday, 5 May 2012

Really cute brunette is impressed by his size

Let's be honest, it's the women that make porn the success for relieving sexual tension. To be a porn star, you have to have some degree of attractiveness. However, it's not that often when I look a woman in the porn business that I find to be truly drop-dead gorgeous – the type of woman that I would love meet, chat with and, maybe, even date (if she finds me to be not that unappealing).

The porn star in this clips fits that description totally – I find her incredibly attractive and would be the type I would like to date (complete with her addiction to black cock). I'm not sure who she is but if any does can you let me know in the comments below, so I can find more videos where she makes an appearance. There's a really nice bit at about 2mins 30sec, when he peels down his shorts to reveal his cock, his size impresses her as she wonders whether she can take it all.

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