Saturday, 19 May 2012

She definitely likes his length and girth

The woman in this clip is so petite and his cock is so big that she shows how it compares to her forearm. It's just a bit bigger, but that doesn't stop her from getting to grips with it. When she first straddles him and she eases her body onto his cock, it barely fits and she can only just manage to get the tip into her pussy. She takes tentatively to fuck him, but those of us who are aficionados of black on white porn know that she will soon lose her inhibitions as she gives in to the demands of her body to experience orgasmic delights.


  1. Omigosh, his VOICE!!! All he'd have to do is talk to me, and I'd be on my back in a heartbeat!

    She's so tiny. I wonder what he'd do with a girl with some tits! lol I bet he wouldn't be as easy on ME. At least I could take him more than half-way...or die trying!