Saturday, 30 June 2012

Melissa Lauren in IR scene

Melissa Lauren's Interracial Scene brought to you by PornHub

Melissa Lauren has beautifully big boobs and here she gets to grips with a large black cock. At the end is an amazing cumshot over her pretty face. Worth bookmarking.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hot blonde with black lover

If you can wait to get through the annoying advert at the beginning of this video, then it's well worth the 2-3 minute wait. A very attractive blonde shows offer her gorgeous body for the camera. A photographer out of picture takes photos of her while she waits for her black lover to make an appearance. When he does, he's already hard and she loses no time in taking his length into her mouth. Great clip with a very beautiful woman.

If anyone could tell me who she is then I would be most appreciative, even better if you point me in the direction of more videos where she takes on big black cocks.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

This is one of my fantasy photo shoots with Michelle Moist

Another video features the gorgeous Michelle Moist. I'm really into my photograph and have done a couple of adult-style shoots. However, I've never done b0y/girl, but if I ever did this is how I would want it to turn out. Of course, I would be the photographer but I'd have a well-hung black stud on hand to satisfy Michelle's needs. I love the way at the end of the clip she licks his cock clean.

This is a recurring fantasy of mine. A sexy shoot of my girlfriend with a black stud that's supposed to soft-core but some how spirals out of control with my girl getting a really good fucking on camera. I have myriad variations of this fantasy but seeing Michelle Moist posing so sexily for the camera then fucking the photographer is the closest that I've seen to it in video.

I would love to photograph Michelle Moist, particularly in a naughty shoot. Although I probably wouldn't want to shoot any boy/girl stuff, I would be keen to watch her fool around with a big black dildo. Now that would be so hot to witness first hand.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

English babe Michelle Moist being naughty

Michelle Moist English Babe Interracial brought to you by PornHub

I have such a huge crush on Brit porn star Michelle Moist. I think everything about her is gorgeous, her saucy eyes, sexy smile, terrific body and can-do attitude. However, I never realised that she had some interracial porn until I saw this video. Not only does she look incredibly hot, but she really seems to get off on the big black cock that she spends much of the movie riding. Combine that with my own personal fetish for IR porn and you can imagine how my body exploded when watching this video.

She is my dream woman and I hope that she takes her fair share of black cock in her private life too. I don't know whether she is married or dating, but I hope that the man in her life appreciates her and allows her to dabble in her dark chocolate fantasies.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Charlotte Stokely is an amazing woman

Charlotte Stokely Steals Daughter's Black BF brought to you by PornHub

I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Stokely and love her performances, particularly her interracial scenes.