Saturday, 9 June 2012

English babe Michelle Moist being naughty

Michelle Moist English Babe Interracial brought to you by PornHub

I have such a huge crush on Brit porn star Michelle Moist. I think everything about her is gorgeous, her saucy eyes, sexy smile, terrific body and can-do attitude. However, I never realised that she had some interracial porn until I saw this video. Not only does she look incredibly hot, but she really seems to get off on the big black cock that she spends much of the movie riding. Combine that with my own personal fetish for IR porn and you can imagine how my body exploded when watching this video.

She is my dream woman and I hope that she takes her fair share of black cock in her private life too. I don't know whether she is married or dating, but I hope that the man in her life appreciates her and allows her to dabble in her dark chocolate fantasies.

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