Saturday, 28 July 2012

Khloe Kush likes it dark

I haven't heard of Khloe Kush before, however, she has a cute face and in this video is sampling some meaty black cock.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Tatiana Kush is at it again

Tatiana Kush just can't seem to stay away from big black cock. Here's she starts to frolic alone, then with her toys before taking on the flesh with a fucking from a well-hung black guy. I have a feeling this is what she does in her private life too.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A little fantasy with which to start the day

It's not often that I have the chance for a Sunday morning lie in, what with the thousand and one tasks that I have to do. But this morning was a little different, a cold virus had struck me down and confined me to bed. My body may have felt heavy, my eyes sleepy and my nose sneezy, but my cock was hard as my mind tried to recall the dream that had induced that state.

The fantasy starts on Oxford Street, the main shopping area in London, on a Saturday afternoon. My girl is weaving her way through the hordes of shoppers. She's on a shopping mission. Not one for clothes or gifts, but one set by me. Her task is to buy just three items from a single shop. A specific shop on Oxford Street. A shop that tens of thousands of people walk past everyday (and more than a few venture in). It's the Harmony Sex shop and it's on the only one of its kind on the street.

Sure, just around the corner is Soho with it's dark alleyways, prostitutes and sleazy sex shops, where you can buy pretty much anything (whether legal or not). But I've sent her to this store because of its very public location and the hordes of people shuffling along the pavement outside. I know my girl will be feeling self-conscious as she enters it, despite it being female friendly with youthful sales assistants (mostly girls in their late teens, early twenties) in their cute black tunics.

We catch up with my girl as she nears the shop. Her pace slows as she looks around hoping that she doesn't recognise any of the faces in the crowd. She glances left, then right, before slipping through the store's entrance. Inside it's bright and my girl is surprised at the number of other shoppers that are already perusing the shelves.

She wanders in the heart of the store, looking at the lingerie hanging from the racks. The main floor is mostly lingerie and saucy novelty toys. She glances over the selection, faining interests, as she musters up her courage to go through with her task. Glancing about her, she makes a dash for the stairs that will take her down into the basement where the more explicit items are stocked – the sex toys, porn mags, books and DVDs.

It's a large open space, and my girl is taken aback by the sheer multitude of sex merchandise on display. She looks around her, feeling out of her depth. There are few shoppers down here, mostly men clustering around the porn shelves of DVDs and magazines at one end of the store. Momentarily she's at loss. Looking round her, she desperately tries to seek out the items on her shopping list.

She spies a young sales girl, who catching her eye begins to approach. "Oh no," she thinks, "this can't be happening."

"Would you like some help?" asks the sales assistant.

My girl nods. "I'm looking for a vibrator," she says. "Erm… I would like a… erm."

"The vibrators are over here," she says and escorts her over to a area where their are vibrators and dildos in every shape and size imaginable.

"Are you after anything in particular? The Rabbit is a very popular model. We have several different models."

The sales assistant picks up a Rabbit vibrator and hands it to my girl.

"Erm, it's very nice but I was looking for something, erm, a little more, erm, specific, erm, maybe something that looks, erm…" my girls voice trails off.

The sales girl doesn't miss a beat.

"Of course, I understand. We also have a variety of realistic-looking vibrators. They come in several different materials, sizes and colours. Do you have any particular model in mind?"

"Yes,something that has a real flesh, erm, like touch, erm"

"We have this cyber-skin model. It comes in flesh and is a nicely sized six inches long. It takes two AA batteries and has a control that allows you to adjust its intensity."

"That looks more, erm, like what I'm looking for. Erm, but," and at this my girl lowered her voice, "do you have it in black?"

The sales girl allowed herself a wry smile. "Yes, we do, though we only have the eight-inch model. The makes don't do a six-inch version as it doesn't sell."

The sales girl goes over to the shelf and picks up a large box.

"This is the one. It's one of our best sellers. It's modelled from a real penis and again, it features the speed control so you have total control over the vibrations and it looks incredibly realistic."

She opens the box and pulls out the vibrator. It's still clad in its protective polythene sheaf, but even so it looks particularly impressive. The sales girl hands it to her and she feels the weight and wrapping her hand around it she feels its girth.

"Yes, this will do."

"I'd recommend some lubricant, as it does have an impressive girth. I'd suggest some Liquid Silk."

"Yes, of course."

They get the lubricant and the sales girls begins to wander over to cash desk.

"Erm, there is one more thing that I'd like."


"Erm, do you have any, erm, DVDs that might…"

The sales girl couldn't help but break into a grin.

"Oh, yes. In fact, I know just the one."

On reaching the DVD section, the curious faces of the men standing there turn towards my girl. She blushes.

"This is the one, White Chicks Gang Fucked By Big Black Dicks. It's very popular with women."

My girl tunes a deep crimson.

"Yes," she said quietly.

"It features one-on-one, threesome, foursomes and full-on gangbangs," she says. "All the men are very impressive, if you know what I mean, and the girls are left completely satisfied."

The men cast a flew sly looks at my girl, checking out her firm figure and no doubt wondering what she'd be like in bed.

"Of course. I'll take," says my girl, now eager to conclude her shopping expedition.

She pays at the cash desk.

"Have fun," says the sales assistant as my girl turns to leave.

"I will."

My girl almost breaks into a run as she leaves the shop. She can't believe that she went through with the task. The carrier bag bashes against her leg. Her face is flushed but not from embarrassment now but from what is to happen that night when she meets up with me and she gets to play with her new toy.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tatiana Kush in BBC invasion

Tatiana Kush and three black guys in room altogether. You can imagine what happens next. If you can't then watch this video. Even if you know what happens, still watch the video as she's an exceptional young woman who knows what she likes and knows what she needs.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

One of the first IR videos I ever saw

This clip is one of the very first interracial videos that I ever saw. I can't remember who the actress's name is but she's very attractive. I love the way she so calmly takes on three big black cocks. It was also the first scene where I saw a woman get DPed by black cocks. It's incredibly hot and I've wanked to this scene a few times when I owned it on DVD. It was part of the Black Cravings series and I think it was number 9, but I've since lost the DVD. Well, and ex-girlfriend took it when we split up. She was reluctant to watch porn with me, but she did watch this video once and when we broke up, it was one of the things she took from my flat. I didn't complain and I hope she managed to get a look of "use" out of it.